About us

Haysem Payen General Trading PLC was established June, 2008 by Ato shemsedin Awol, Managing Director of the company, and W/ro Temkina Wabela with initial paid up capital of Birr one million in cash.

The ample experience in different businesses especially in Import/Export sector of owners have,  gave them way easily transfer and establish  Haysem Payen General Trading PLC which is now one of best known import and export business Company, with current Capital of birr more than fifty two million.

The Company has been investing and has experience in business, including;

  • Export of mainly Coffee, Sesame seeds and other Ethiopian agro-products to International market.
  • In the supply of construction materials, particularly wood from internal and European market.
  • ┬áIn processing wood hands-on experience to precisely cut large logs into custom wood pieces for any project and contributed to the efforts made to substitute import and creating job opportunities as well.

The organization has head offices in Addis Ababa with total employees 416 and structurally well organized to carry out its activities.The company has a two-tiered structure, consisting of the owner/shareholders and the Secretariat. The shareholders are the supreme decision making organ. The secretariat headed by Manager under which executive member/staff consisting of key personnel responsible to follow up and implements day to day activities of the company. Technical staffs are comprised of different line of studies such as finance and marketing and have extensive hand-on experiences in each field. 12 persons (4 management/senior levels) staffs are in the line of management to handle the activities/operations, including Managing Director, Manager, HR. Administration and general service manager, finance Manager and Marketing Manager , etc.

The support staffs are responsible to provide operational services and supervise activities. The whole administration and management of the organization will be carried out according to the company policy and structure.

The Company is one of registered and actively participant member of

  • Ethiopian Coffee association
  • Ethiopian pulses, oil seeds and spices processors exports association
  • Ethiopian and Addis Ababa Chamber commerce and sectoral association.